1. givemeinternet:

    My new favorite gif

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  2. foodnun:

    when the person you hate gets the teachers question right 


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  4. how I tell stories

    1. me: and then she was like
    2. me: and im like
    3. me: but then shes like
    4. me: then theyre like
    5. me: so i was like
    6. me: yeah like
    7. me: i know like
    8. me: ye

  5. i-blame-it-on-the-friends-i-keep:

    I really just want to move to new york and hang out with Matt Hitt and Alexa chung and just be really really cool

  6. rebuy:

    you need to watch this 

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  8. elephantxbeach:

    A few months ago we were all like, “Where the fuck is Julian Casablancas?” Now he is everywhere and we don’t know what to do.

    yup! basically

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  9. tiffy11taffy:

    what i look for in a man:

    • tall
    • nice lips
    • brown eyes
    • lovely singing voice
    • messy 70s shag haircut
    • is in the strokes
    • julian casablancas
    • i want julian casablancas

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